Fan Mail for bobco

Over the years, bobco has received a (small) number of emails.  And as you might expect, not all the correspondence bobco receives deals with weighty global or metaphysical matters.  A sampling:

Hi. We are visiter number 6. We love all Bobs. We are two very bored
girls. Bob=a very phine guy (at our school) please email us... thanx.

And I did just that, asking them what they want and they wrote back to say:


My name is Tab. I like the name bob so my best friends and i gave it
to all the phine guys at our school. There is 5 ( bob I, Bob II,
Bob III, Bob IV, and Bob V) one of my friends and i stummbled onto
you sight and though it was cool. well gotta run.


P.S. Im live in Japan, and Im a 14 Year old girl.

But not everything that comes to bobco is so laudatory:

listen man, your page stinks, and bobco doesnt belong to you, it belongs to

bobco wrote back that bobco's clients might disagree with him.

uh...what clients? i dont think you really have clients...and why did you
respond sooo quickly? and...personally, i dont think its really, this means...YOU STILL SUCK! HAVE A NICE LIFE!

bobco thanked the writer for his comments and promised to take them into consideration.

yeah, you better take them into consideration...jeez, you guys suck

Well, bobco may, or may not, "suck." But it heartily endorses free and open debate on all the issues.

Feedback to this site just keeps coming in. Recently this note showed up at our offices:

man you suck! your page sux! bobco isnt yours! i hate you you sleezy krap!

One writer felt that the site was not producing enough money.

        i've visited this site for the last year or so every once in a while, you should
        sell it. It's a real big waste of a domain name, and i bet it could sell for     

Actually no money has ever been made off the site. It is a constant drain on bobco's increasingly finite resources. However, being a drain on resources is a recurring theme at bobco. So the vast amount of money not being made by is not a concern.

Meanwhile seredipity keeps driving readers to the site:

I came across your website by mistake, earning me the visitor number 6 honor.  Cute site, made me smile.  Thanks.

You're welcome.


You can e-mail bobco at:

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